Biking to Logan Airport - The Definitive Guide

In the summer of 2015, our friends at Bikabout wrote a how-to blog post for families that wanted to start their vacation in adventurous fashion by bicycling to Boston’s Logan Airport.  Bikabout advocated use of the Blue Line to cross Boston Harbor to Maverick Station, from which riders could pedal to bike parking located at Terminal A or E.

Since that time, we have become aware of a number of intrepid folks who regularly begin their trips out of town by pedalling the more challenging “overland” route to Logan, through Sullivan Square, Everett, Chelsea, and East Boston.  We also realized that there are precious few resources available online for those wishing to undertake advance reconnaissance for such a journey.  Just before flying out of town is not the time to investigate and improvise optimal bike parking at the airport, right?

So, taking Massport’s online listing of airport bike parking (a little lacking in the details department) as a starting point, we set out to provide a sketch of the journey to Logan; create the definitive guide to bike parking at Logan under current conditions; search for that holy grail of a safe, secure, convenient, weather-protected parking space for one’s steed; and proffer some suggestions as to how the situation could be improved.

You can follow along with the map of the parking below that Raphael designed or go full page here

Over the Rivers and Through the (Neighbor)Hoods

With three exceptions, the ride from Cambridge/Somerville/Medford to the airport involves reasonably comfortable conditions consistent with what one generally experiences riding around the greater-Boston area.  The three most challenging points are: Sullivan Square, Beacham St, and the Andrew McArdle Bridge.

Sullivan Square is a well-known point of peril, particularly for eastbound cyclists.  If you make it around the circle onto Route 99, heading toward Everett, you will be rewarded with a very nice buffered bike lane across the Medford Bridge, with fine views of Boston Harbor off to the right.

Alford Buffered Bike Lane

The next difficulty to contend with on your Odyssean journey to


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Speak up for protected bike lanes on Mass Ave! - Send this email to the Mayor!

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This Wednesday, June 15,the City of Boston is holding a meeting to share proposed improvements for Massachusetts Avenue from Beacon St to Harrison Avenue. This is the most important public meeting of 2016!

Improving Mass Ave will save lives.

The City’s design includes protected bike lanes on some sections of Mass Ave, but the city can’t build them without strong public support!

Will you come to the meeting on Wednesday and tell the City YOU SUPPORT PROTECTED BIKE LANES?

Here are suggested talking points and requests for the City:
1. Thank the City for their commitment to Vision Zero and making Mass Ave safer for everyone!
2. Ask for protected bike lanes on both sides of Mass Ave, the whole way!
3. In areas where they can’t add protected bike lanes this year, ask them to make a commitment to implement them as part of their long­-term plan for the street.
4. Ask them to make signals shorter to reduce the wait time for pedestrianscrossing the street.
5. Ask them to give pedestrians at least a 6 second head start when they are crossing.
6. Ask them to make every intersection ‘no right on red’ ­­ and enforce it!
7. Ask them to pave Mass Ave by the Christian Science Center Plaza as soon as possible!

Show up, Speak up!

Vision Zero: Mass Ave Public Meeting
Saint Cecilia Parish 
18 Belvidere St 
June 15th, 2016
6:00 ­ 7:30 PM

If you can’t make the meeting tomorrow, you can copy and send the email below to Mayor Walsh telling him you support protected bike lanes on MassAve!


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Join us for the 4th Annual Rush Hour Challenge!


An Inaugural Bike Adventure: Montreal to Boston!

The Boston Cyclists Union is very lucky to have members and volunteers who are so dedicated to our work.  At the start of 2016, a few Bike Union volunteers got together, with Community Organizer Doug Johnson, to hatch a plan to host the Boston Cyclists Union’s very first ride – and not just another fun day trip, a multi-day fundraising bike ride!

On Wednesday May 25th, Team Bike Union will begin an exciting 400 mile journey from Montreal to Boston in an attempt raise $15,000 for the Boston Cyclists Union! The first annual MB400 will take our riders from the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Montreal across Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains before they arrive back at Christopher Columbus Park in Boston on Memorial Day. That evening, there will be an after party celebrating Team Bike Union’s return at long time Bike Union supporter Flat Top Johnny’s. Please come and join us!


Funds raised by the ride will go to support the BCU’s three key strategic priorities, which are:

  • Our Bikeways for Everybody Campaign, which is to create connected, cross-region, low stress bike routes that are either protected bike lanes or off-street paths, so that people of all ages and abilities can be comfortable riding a bike as a sustainable & healthy mode of transportation;
  • Vision Zero, to make the streets safer for people biking and for all road users. The goal is to reduce traffic fatalities to zero through policy changes and designing safer roadway infrastructure;
  • Bike to Market and our indoor Bike Workshop, which allow us to teach bike repair skills and fix bikes for free in neighborhoods without bike shops and in communities that otherwise may not be able to afford to pay for work to be done on their bikes.

Do you want to support the 14 riders as they go on their journey and the work of the Boston Cyclists Union? You can meet each of the riders and contribute to the ride’s general fund by clicking here. Thank you for your support and for helping us make Boston a world class city for living and biking!