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Boston Bike Story: Jordan

I’ve been biking my whole life on Boston streets and I ride most days from Lower Mills to Roxbury for work. Riding makes me feel free. I used to be up on the sidewalk and only go into the street when I was following my dad, but now I know how to protect myself and…
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Make Dudley Square Safer for Bikes!

Dudley Square is a key connector for traffic entering and leaving Roxbury, but it currently lacks any bike facilities. That could soon change depending on how the city proceeds with plans to redesign everything from streetlights to sidewalks in the area — and you can help shape what it looks like. Dudley Square Design Project Public…
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Boston Bike Story: Barry

When did you start biking, and why do you bike? I started biking when I was a baby when my mother bought me a bike. I love riding bikes. It gets me around, and it’s free transportation. It keeps my limbs loose and flexible — they used to be so tight. It’s great exercise and…
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