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Centre St. Needs Protected Bike Lanes and a Road Diet

There is clear and overwhelming support to make Centre St. safer for walking and biking, and next week you can weigh in on whether plans from the Boston Transportation Department would do enough to accomplish that goal. We are hopeful that, thanks to all of the grassroots organizing over the last few months, these plans…
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Boston Bike Story: David (and Micah)

“I’ve always been a bike commuter. I want a livable planet for my kids, and if more people bike it could help us get there. I think cars are great for some people and situations, but bikes are good for most. My family owns a car, but the bike has been my primary mode of…
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Boston Bike Story: Linda Alila

Why do you bike? I’ve been biking ever since I was a kid, and I started biking in Boston six years ago. Boston in the first city I’ve ever biked in. Weather permitting, I’ll commute on my bike from JP to Downtown Boston, and then I like to do some longer rides for fun. Driving…
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