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Boston Bike Story: Martha Merson

I have lots of bike stories because I’ve been biking all over since 1992. A Lot of people say, ‘Oh I wouldn’t bike. I’m afraid of being hit,’ but I haven’t really had a serious experience like that. In general my biking stories are very happy. It’s the best way for me to get around.…
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Boston Bike Story: Nubia

“Me gusta andar en BlueBikes para pasear o ir a comer con amigos. Lo uso porque no tengo carro y porque es más rápido que ir en bus. Normalmente ando en los senderos como por aquí [El Greenway] pero tambien voy en las calles más tranquilas.” “I like to ride BlueBikes to go on short…
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Boston Bike Story: Felix

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a bike. There was a long time when I was biking by myself, but then I started going to group rides like Boston Bike Party and really getting to know what biking was all about. I became addicted. Feeling the fresh air, being active, it’s…
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