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Speak Up to Pass the Boston Bike Budget!

We’re making progress! As the City of Boston enters the home stretch for setting its next budget, we’re thrilled to say we’ve already scored some significant victories in our campaign to boost funding for bike infrastructure and Vision Zero initiatives. Mayor Walsh’s proposed FY 2020 budget, released on April 5, included $2 million in funding…
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Boston Bike Story: Jamie Kennedy

What is your bike story? 
My bike story would probably start with my dad. He’s been a big influence, because ever since I was little he’s always been biking. He was the one that taught me how to ride a bike in one of the Blue Hills parking lots, and I remember it being super…
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Boston Bike Story: Peter Cheung

For this week’s Boston Bike Story, we spoke with Peter Cheung, a prominent member of the Boston bike community who organizes ghost bike ceremonies in the region. Some brief background: Ghost bikes are an international symbol for cyclists killed in traffic crashes. Placed at the sites of these fatalities, the first memorial appeared in St.…
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