Advocacy Campaigns

The Bike Union campaigns for better bike infrastructure and safer streets through direct engagement with elected officials and policymakers, and by organizing and empowering residents to voice their support for friendlier street designs, a robust bike network, and pro-bike policies. We routinely mobilize our members and activist network to effect change on projects big and small in all Boston’s neighborhoods. In addition, we champion several signature campaigns deemed most impactful, most pressing, or both.

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Signature Campaigns

Boston Bike Budget
Boston lags behind other cities in terms of bike-friendliness and Vision Zero funding, and is not going to meet its own bike network goals laid out in Go Boston 2030 at the current pace of implementation. To accelerate the city’s pace, the Bike Union is calling on the City to make meaningful increases to the Vision Zero and Bike Network budgets for the next fiscal year.

Learn more about this campaign and how to get involved here.

Mass Ave. South
Mass Ave. has one of the highest crash rates in the entire city, and the stretch from Melnea Cass to Columbia Rd. (“Mass Ave. South”) is particularly perilous for cyclists. The City has promised several times over the years to bring protected bike lanes to this stretch of Mass Ave., but has so far failed to deliver. We’re holding the city accountable and pushing for protected bike lanes on this key corridor now.

Learn more about the campaign here, and find the latest news about our progress here.

Vision Zero
The Bike Union aims to eliminate serious traffic injuries and fatalities through all our campaigns focused on better bike infrastructure. In addition, we pursue this goal alongside other bike, pedestrian and transit organizations as part of the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition, which lobbies state and local leaders to implement life-saving policies, such as reduced speed limits and higher safety standards for large trucks.

Learn more about the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition here, and read the latest news on our Vision Zero efforts here.