Strategic Plan

Since 2015, when the Board of the Boston Cyclists Union last adopted a strategic plan, many things have changed within the organization, in the bicycling advocacy space, and in thought about people-centered cities. BCU has matured dramatically during this period, nearly tripling its budget and with proportionate growth in staff. Concurrently, the public sense of urgency has risen with respect to the related crises of climate change and congestion. At the same time, modernization of bicycle and pedestrian facilities proceeds at a glacial pace with respect to where we need to be in the region, though support for it and ridership continues to grow exponentially. 

This new strategic plan takes account of these organizational and external factors.

If this vision resonates with you, and we hope it does, we invite you to join with us on the journey to reshaping Boston as a world-class bicycle city. If enough of us contribute our energy, imaginations, voices, resources, and resolve, then it can happen!

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Our mission is to transform the streets of greater Boston into equitable and inviting people-centered spaces affording access and connection for every body. We accomplish this through organizing, advocacy, public actions, and holding city and state agencies accountable to build out the network of safe, protected bike infrastructure.




Leverage our collective power to more effectively press government and business leaders, and other influential actors, to fulfill and expand the ambitions of Vision Zero and a safe, connected bike network throughout Metro Boston

To achieve this, we will:

Cambridge Street 2
Mission Park 1

Counteract our deeply entrenched car culture through a focus on shifting hearts and minds

To achieve this, we will:

Become a more inclusive, equitable, and representative organization

To achieve this, we will:

Neighborhood Bike Forum 2018
BCU Cmapgins 2
BCU Mural Ride, 2019 — you could help plan excellent events like this as part of our Development Committee!

We will build capacity to do more, and do it well 

To achieve this, we will: