I Bike I Vote

Pledge to vote for a bike-friendly Boston

Local elections this year offer a golden opportunity to elect a new mayor in Boston committed to our vision for people-first streets To make that happen, we’re rallying Bostonians to do two things: Read our voter guide — Learn where Boston’s mayoral candidates stand on bike/transportation issues. If you want to dig even deeper, check out…

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Let’s make biking an issue in this year’s elections

Boston’s mayoral election this fall is a tremendous opportunity to shape the future of our streets — and we want your help ensuring that people who bike vote in big numbers. Join our next monthly Activist Group Meeting, and find out how you can get involved in our get out the vote campaign to elect…

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Where Local Candidates Stand on Bike Infrastructure and Safer Roads

“I Bike, I vote” — Election season is upon us! With local elections this fall, it’s important that voters know where candidates stand on issues related to biking, walking, and transit so they can make informed decisions when they cast ballots. Good news: You can find all that information right here through the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition’s…

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