Where Local Candidates Stand on Bike Infrastructure and Safer Roads

“I Bike, I vote” — Election season is upon us!

With local elections this fall, it’s important that voters know where candidates stand on issues related to biking, walking, and transit so they can make informed decisions when they cast ballots. Good news: You can find all that information right here through the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition’s Candidate Questionnaire.

We worked with other members of the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition to develop and distribute a questionnaire to city council candidates in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville, and to mayoral candidates in Somerville. We made sure important questions about the bike network and modal priorities made the final questionnaire, including ones asking about candidates’ personal travel habits, how they’ll plan to fast-track protected bike infrastructure, their commitments to specific safe streets policies, and more. (You can view a PDF version of the questionnaire for each city: Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville.)

Most candidates have responded, and you can find answers listed by city and race here. Read these responses, and educate yourself about which candidates are most committed to advancing bike infrastructure, Vision Zero, and other important transportation goals.

We’ve seen time and time again that lawmakers who care about the importance of safe infrastructure and transportation policy can help move us towards a better future for our cities, and the responses to this questionnaire will inform you about which candidates align with those goals.

Now, not all candidates have completed the questionnaire. If a candidate running to represent you has yet to respond, contact them. Explain why these issues are important to you, why they should complete the questionnaire, and remind them: I bike, I vote. (Sample script available here.)

You can find contact info for candidates and see if they’ve responded by checking this spreadsheet. You’re also encouraged to thank candidates who have completed the survey for taking the time to do so; it never hurts to remind your representatives or would-be representatives how many people care, and how passionate they are, about these issues.

Meet the Candidates!

In addition to informing yourself about the candidates, you can engage with them at forums ahead of the elections to ensure road safety remains in the discussion. There are two forums already scheduled in Boston, and we’ll share information on other events as they arise. 


Finally, one last friendly reminder: Vote! Your voice matters in determining the future of our streets, our city and our region. Dates for upcoming municipal elections are as follows: 

  • Tuesday, September 10, 2019 – Somerville Preliminary Election
  • Tuesday, September 24, 2019 – Boston Preliminary Election
  • Tuesday, November 5, 2019 – General Election for Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville

Sample Script

To: Candidates running in your district (Click here for contact info and to see who has yet to submit responses.)

CC: info@visionzerocoalition.org

Recommended email subject: Please fill out the Vision Zero Coalition Candidate Questionnaire

Sample script:

Dear [Candidate],

As a resident of your district, I am writing to ask you to please fill out the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition’s People-Centered Streets Candidate Questionnaire. I feel strongly about building a community with safe streets that encourage people to walk, bike, and take public transit, and your stance on these issues will affect how I vote in the next election.

[Talk about why these issues matter to you, how you move around the city, etc.] 

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to fill out the questionnaire so that I may know where you stand on these important issues. 

Thank you,

[full name
street address
city/town, state, zip
email: ]