Winter Biking

Protecting and Encouraging Winter Bikers: The BCU Winter Riding Survey Results

“People who stop cycling as the winter comes mention two obstacles—no safe infrastructure, no winter maintenance—as the most important ones…Once there’s no proper cycling infrastructure nor winter maintenance, cycling through the year becomes an extreme sport.” ~ Timo Perälä, organizer of the Winter Cycling Congress There’s nothing that city or state officials can do about snowfall,…

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Boston Area Winter Biking Survey

Over the years, the Boston Cyclists Union has worked hard to improve biking over the winter.   In the 2013/2014 winter, the coordinated #WinterBiker campaign was launched in response to poor clearing of the Southwest Corridor.  Through a targeted social media campaign with Allston-Brighton Bikes, Southie Bikes, other neighborhood bike groups and individual activists, and…

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