Winter Biking: BCU Staff Tips

When the cold weather season first hits, so many of us pack away our bike gear and wait for warmer, dryer weather. Winter biking has a perception of being reserved for just the “hardcore” cyclists, not for ordinary people who ride their bike here and there. It can seem like a high investment, both gear-wise and emotional just to get out during the colder season, but here at the BCU all of us take the roads in the winter and want to share our stories and tips!

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Boston Area Winter Biking Survey

Over the years, the Boston Cyclists Union has worked hard to improve biking over the winter.   In the 2013/2014 winter, the coordinated #WinterBiker campaign was launched in response to poor clearing of the Southwest Corridor.  Through a targeted social media campaign with Allston-Brighton Bikes, Southie Bikes, other neighborhood bike groups and individual activists, and…

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Biking to Logan Airport – The Definitive Guide

In the summer of 2015, our friends at Bikabout wrote a how-to blog post for families that wanted to start their vacation in adventurous fashion by bicycling to Boston’s Logan Airport.  Bikabout advocated use of the Blue Line to cross Boston Harbor to Maverick Station, from which riders could pedal to bike parking located at…

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