URGENT: Transportation, Climate and Housing Bills Need Gov. Baker’s Signature

Gov. Baker has only a few days left to sign bills that are critical for improving mobility, the economy, and public health; essential for fighting climate change; and necessary to ensure equity for underserved populations. 

The state legislature finally passed these bills, and it’s up to the Governor to sign them or not, bringing them to the finish line. We cannot let years of advocacy go for naught — we need your support getting these bills signed into law! 

Take two minutes today to ask Gov. Baker to act using the form below

The Massachusetts Legislature last week passed climate legislation, a transportation bond bill, and an economic development bond bill that all now sit on the Governor’s desk. Highlights in the bills include:

  • Luxury fees for TNC (Uber/Lyft) trips, which will not only incentivize use of more sustainable transportation but will raise funding to invest in it
  • Low-income MBTA fares, and the decriminalization of fare evasion
  • Creating a roadway and congestion pricing commission 
  • Housing Choice and transit-oriented development provisions
  • Codifying environmental justice into MA law, providing new tools and protections for affected neighborhoods 

Contact Gov. Baker today and ask him to sign all three bills immediately! (The bills have different deadlines based on when Gov. Baker received them, but generally speaking Baker must sign the climate bill before the weekend, and the two others a few days later.)A

For more information about the Climate Roadmap Bill, Transportation Bond Bill, and the Economic Development Bond Bill, click here.