Union responds to crash with prevention message

Bike Union executive director Pete Stidman explains cycletracks and crash data on Fox 25, Mon., Dec. 10.

It’s unfortunate that it takes the loss of life to awaken the powerful news media to the problem of bike safety——but when it happens it’s important to send the right message. Bike Union Executive Director Pete Stidman has been spreading the message of how Boston can become safer for bikes in the Boston Globe, on NECN, and on Fox 25 over the past week, to name a few.

Union volunteers have also been in touch with hundreds of members to get their feedback, suggestions and support via the annual phone-a-thon. (You too can volunteer tonight!) Members are saying they value that they now have a voice, that they appreciate and want to see more of the Union Rider newsletter, and that above all the advocacy of the Bike Union is why they ask their friends and family to join up and support. Together we are stronger.


  1. Mark on January 28, 2013 at 8:32 am

    Are accident investigation reports available anywhere for recent cyclist fatalities? In particular, what about the death of Chung-Wei Yang on 11/12/2012 in Allston, at the corner of Harvard and Brighton Avenues? Did it dare blame stupid road design and the hazardous curb extension that left no room for cyclists?

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