Two ways to get more bike lanes in Boston right now

In July, Boston added temporary bike lanes Downtown and on Cummins Highway to support safe mobility during the pandemic. We’re now campaigning for Boston to expand on this initial effort — and to use short-term fixes toward permanent improvements. 

Here’s how you can help make that happen:

1) Take a BTD survey— In just a few minutes, you can send feedback through one of the forms linked below. Thank BTD (it helps!), say why you want more bike lanes, and speak up for making these changes permanent! (See below for more specifics on what to include + what we’re asking.)

2) Volunteer — We need help canvassing for feedback along the new bike lanes. Hearing from people who live and bike in these areas is critical to this campaign. We’ll provide training, including a sample script, and can pair you with an experienced canvasser if you’d like.

Feedback gathered from this effort will be shared with BTD, and will go on our website and social media as a continuation of our #BostonBikeStory project (see example here; see here for more bike stories.) 

From the Boston Bike Story project


What we’re asking for

Part of Boston’s Healthy Streets (#HealthyStreetsBos) plan, the new bike lanes are a great start, but they are only that: a start. We’re asking Boston to now continue Healthy Streets by advancing overdue projects from Go Boston 2030, in particular those in areas where the pandemic has compounded systemic transportation, environmental and economic inequities. (See our full recommendations to Boston here.)

We’re also asking Boston to commit to making these changes permanent, or at least using them as pilots to inform and expedite future projects. Plans to put protected bike lanes around Boston Common and the Public Garden date back to 2013. Why go back now?

Boston created Healthy Streets in response to public pressure. Help us build on that progress!