The Public Has Spoken: The Longfellow Bridge Needs Protected Bike Lanes

Protected bike lanes on the Longfellow Bridge are a no-brainer. Bikes comprise nearly half of all traffic on the bridge during the peak 8 a.m. hour. Yet without adequate infrastructure to handle that volume, cyclists will be exposed to unnecessary dangers when the bridge reopens next month.

On Monday, we delivered to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation our petition —along with 3,100 signatures— calling on the state to reconsider its design for the bridge, which features no protected bike lanes. We were thrilled to see so many supporters turn out at noon on a weekday, and on short notice, to stand with us and share their thoughts and experiences. If you couldn’t join us Monday, or missed the livestream, you can now view the full testimony in the video below.

For more background on this campaign, and to sign the petition if you’ve yet to do so, you can find a complete synopsis here. Or, if you’d like the condensed visual version, you can simply watch our video explaining the necessity of protected bike lanes on the Longfellow Bridge in the video below.

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