The Mystic River Needs a Bike- and Pedestrian-Only Bridge

The site of the proposed bridge

Massachusetts is exploring the possibility of a bike- and pedestrian-only bridge between Somerville and Everett across the Mystic River. This bridge holds enormous potential to promote multimodal travel in a rapidly growing area, and to serve a high volume of foot and bike traffic every day.

However, the state is considering narrowing the bridge from 14 feet to 12 feet wide, which would hinder the bridge’s ability to safely serve all the expected usage. That’s why we and other advocates are urging the state to 1) Move forward with the bridge, and 2) Return to a previous plan to build a 14-foot-wide bridge that can better accommodate all users now and in the future.

You can read our full letter to the Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs, which is currently reviewing the project, below.