The Bike Union welcomes Becca Wolfson to permanently serve as Executive Director!

Dear Members and Friends,
The Boston Cyclists Union’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Rebecca Wolfson, who has served as Interim Executive Director of the Union since fall of 2015, has been named as the Union’s next Executive Director effective immediately.  Since assuming the role of interim ED, Becca has proven herself an able and passionate steward for the Union, establishing herself as a leader in the Boston cycling community, working actively as a member of Boston’s Vision Zero Task Force, building relationships at the city and state level, and leading advocacy initiatives across Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville.
The Board has expressed its full support for Becca as she leads the Union into its fifth exciting and eventful summer season. The agenda this year includes: rollout of our Bikeways for Everybody campaign, expansion of our Bike to Market program, continued efforts to create safer and more welcoming bicycle facilities on our city streets, and major progress on the aforementioned Vision Zero campaign, in which we have been engaged with municipal and advocacy partners.
Becca Climate Ride
Becca on the Bike Union’s Climate Ride team
Becca describes her vision for herwork as BCU’s ED as follows: “As a year-round bike commuter, I know the joy of getting around on two wheels.  I also know firsthand of the dangers and discomfort faced by many of the region’s residents who bike or who would bike if road conditions were safer.  It’s my goal to work hard to continue to advocate so those two realities can be reconciled, and residents across the region have safe, connected facilities for biking as a means of transportation.  I am also constantly inspired by the people who make up the area’s bike community.  The advocacy and promotion of bike culture here are strong, and I want the Boston Cyclists Union to continue to play a role in helping both to grow and thrive even more. To build community, we must continue to bring together a broad range of partners, and I am excited to be taking that on.”
Prior to joining the Union, Becca worked with the Massachusetts Service Alliance and Americorps Cape Cod, where she was closely involved in environmental initiatives, community outreach, program development and grant management.  A graduate of the University of Rochester, she is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Urban Policy & Planning at Tufts University.  She has served on the board of the Bike Union since 2013, participated in the Climate Ride twice on Team Bike Union, and has been bicycling the streets of Greater Boston since 2012.  While many of you know Becca already, she looks forward to meeting many more of you, including at our annual Spring Kickoff event (and 5-Year Anniversary!) on May 17th.

Cycle on,

Steven Bercu
Board President


  1. Kenneth Bonacci on May 25, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    REF: Metro Boston Wednesday, May 2016, Page 2, “After deadly crash, etc.”

    A suggestion; Place the onus of safety on the bike by requiring that every bike have mounted on rear a 5′ red pole with a highly reflective arrow pointed in direction of travel.
    Note: The 5′ is only suggestion, but it must be sufficient to clear front of duck boats. This also should prove useful when being overtaken by large vehicles as a reminder of your presence before turning.

    Ride Safely—-Ken

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