Tell Your Senator: Act Now to Fund Better Transportation!

The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated longstanding problems with Massachusetts’ transportation system — and legislation to address the crisis is now pending in the State Senate.

The Senate will debate and vote on the Transportation Bond Bill this Thursday, July 16. Take 2 minutes today to tell your senator: Act NOW to improve transportation!

The Senate bill is a good starting point, though there are several key amendments that would make it much better. Among our top priorities, there are amendments that would:

  • Significantly increase Complete Streets funding in environmental justice communities (Amendment 210)
  • Codify favorable e-bike and e-scooter regulations that would allow people to travel longer distances, encourage more people to bike, promote equity, and allow municipalities to add e-bikes to the bikeshare system (Amendment 163)
  • Create a congestion pricing pilot (Amendment 132)
  • Increase fees on Uber/Lyft trips to reduce traffic, encourage shared rides and fund sustainable transportation initiatives (Amendment 138)
  • Expand and better fund regional transit (Amendments 150 + 249)
  • Provide free or discounted transit fares to low-income households (Amendment 265)

You can review a complete list of the amendments, compiled by Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA), that we and other advocates support and oppose here.

As lawmakers prepare to act, tell them to pass a comprehensive bill that creates a stronger, safer and more equitable transportation system!

Contact your State Senator before Thursday. Follow the link below for T4MA’s easy-to-use form with sample text and contact info. There are many amendments included by default in the form. If you would like to pare down that list, we urge you to at least include the amendments bulleted above. 

This is our last chance this year to transform transportation in Massachusetts. Please join us in speaking up for critical funding at this critical time!