Tell Boston you support a road diet on Centre St.

The BTD’s proposal for Centre St.,from a June 2019 meeting

In June, the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) presented plans to improve safety on Centre St. through a road diet (reducing vehicle lanes from 4 to 2), protected bike lanes and other measures. Yet now, opponents to that proposal are waging a campaign to maintain the status quo — and threatening to drown out the chorus of support for these much-needed changes.

Unless the BTD hears enough positive feedback to its current proposal, the agency may settle for a much weaker one. You can use the form below to send a brief personal note to BTD officials in support of a road diet and protected bike lanes, cc’ing Mayor Walsh, City Councillor O’Malley and at-large City Councilors so they too see how many people care about a safer Centre St.

The discussion around Centre St. has been inaccurately framed as a war between bikes and cars. It’s not about that; it’s about safety for everyone who uses the street. Centre St. sees a high volume of crashes, according to city data, and these plans arose after a driver hit and killed Marilyn Wentworth in a crosswalk on this street in February. (You can read more background on the project here.)

Opponents have claimed it’s only outsiders and a small amount of cyclists who support BTD’s plan, but we know that you — residents of the neighborhood — have been showing up and peaking up throughout this process. At the June public meeting, the majority of the speakers supported the road diet, including many business owners along Centre St.

We know it’s been hard and frustrating, but this campaign isn’t over. Let’s continue to show BTD our support for the road diet and encourage them to stick with what they know will create the safest and most accessible street for all.

Your advocacy is making the City safer for everyone — don’t let up!