Take two important actions for Bike Month

May is National Bike Month, an annual celebration since 1956 of everything great about bikes—and a time we look forward to every year when we get to connect with and grow our bike community!

Check out our calendar of events below. (It is by no means exhaustive. If you have other events to share, let us know!) First though, two actions you can take right now to, in the spirit of Bike Month, support our work and help build our collective power.

Strength in Numbers — Support the BCU!

This year, we have more potential, strength, and influence than ever before. Our organizing paid off in a big way last year, with Boston adding more miles of bike lanes than it ever had in a single year. Mayor Walsh’s departure and the subsequent transition to Mayor Janey this year, along with the upcoming mayoral elections in Boston this fall, make this an even more opportune time for our mission. Making this moment even more exciting, we just added more organizing capacity to our staff to power campaigns all across the city, and we’re already hiring again.

Our ability to sustain and grow this movement depends on the continued support of YOU, our dedicated community.

So if you share our vision for better biking in Boston, and have the means, we hope you’ll donate today.


Sign the #BostonBikeBudget Petition

In our annual Boston Bike Budget campaign this year, we’re calling on Boston to build 10 miles of bike lanes, with an emphasis on filling gaps and creating connections in the bike network. Sign our petition, and show Boston you support rapidly expanding a network of protected, connected and equitable bike lanes!


And mark your calendars for two more events this month where you can support the Boston Bike Budget:

Calendar of Events