Take this 2-second advocacy action to help win more funding for bike projects!

Today is the last day for submitting comments for MassDOT’s Capital Investment Plan for FY 2018-2022!

Please go to this link and paste the information below into the field titled “Please enter comment (2500 character limit)(required)”

The form will also require you to enter an address that relates to this comment. You can enter the address of MassDOT headquarters:

10 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116 

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First, I’d like to thank MassDOT for funding projects that make biking as a means of transportation safer and easier. Projects like the Beacon Street Reconstruction (Project ID: 607209) in Somerville, which includes separated bike lanes, will dramatically improve safety for people biking, and I hope to see more projects like this included in the FY 2018-2022 CIP.

I encourage MassDOT to fund more projects that make biking safer and easier, including but not limited to the proposed projects listed below. (These projects are NOT listed in order of importance.)

  • Design and construction of 3 pedestrian/bike underpasses on the Boston-side of the River St, Western Ave and Anderson bridges (Project ID: 1420)
  • Design and construction of a new pedestrian/bike footbridge over the MA Turnpike in Allston (Project IDs: 1421 and 1691)
  • Planning study of the removal of some or all of the Bowker Overpass (Project ID: 1422)
  • Road relocation and other transportation-related improvements, Including bicycle and pedestrian paths and the repair and rehabilitation of the Harbor Walk, on the campus of the University of Massachusetts at Boston (Project ID: 1704
  • Study to design and construct a pedestrian footbridge in Brighton with an entry and exit point between Brooks street and Parsons street over the existing roadways to an entry and exit point on the Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path (Project ID: 1425)
  • Rehabilitation of the Old Northern Avenue Bridge over the Fort Point Channel (Project IDs: 606265 and BO-0130)
  • Construction of the South Bay Harbor Trail from Ruggles Station to the Fort Point Channel (Project ID: 604761)
  • Reconstruction of Causeway St including pedestrian and bicycle improvements (Project ID: 606320)
  • Replacement of the Allston I-90 Elevated Viaduct including interchange reconstruction, Beacon Park Yard layover and West Station (Project IDs: 606475 and BO-0160)
  • Commonwealth Phase 3 and 4 (Project ID: 608449)
  • Reconstruction of the River St and Western Ave bridges (Project IDs: 1699 and 605527)
  • Design of the Grand Junction Rail Trail (Project IDs: 1707 and 1708)
  • Design and Construction of the Inlet Bridge at North Point (Project IDs: 1442 and 1443)
  • Design and construction of separated bicycle and pedestrian pathways along Memorial drive and the Cambridge parkway from the Eliot bridge to the Craigie Dam bridge and the Craigie drawbridge (Project ID: 1445)
  • Construction of Phase II of the Watertown Greenway multi-use path (Project ID: 1729)

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