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Shape the Future of Mobility in Somerville

On Wednesday, there will be two public meetings about projects with the potential to reshape Somerville — and dramatically improve the convenience and safety of bicycling — for years to come. If you live in Ward 6 or 7, or bike on Powder House Blvd., please consider attending the Powder House redesign meeting (info below)…

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No More Ghost Bikes

Dear friend, This is a letter I wish I did not have to write. How many ghost bikes must it take? How many lives need to be lost on our streets and memorialized? What will it take to move our elected leaders to take their citizens’ safety seriously? In the wake of Friday’s fatal crash,…

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Duck boats – Unsafe for our city streets?

By Peter Furth On April 30, a duck boat ran over a scooter that was right in front of it, killing the scooter’s operator, Allison Warmuth. Both she and the duck boat were at a red light on Charles Street at a corner of Boston Common, with scooter lined up directly ahead of duck boat,…

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