Support protected bike lanes on Blue Hill Ave.!

Protected bike lanes are a possibility on Blue Hill Ave. — but only if people speak up now in favor of them.

The Blue Hill Ave. Transportation Plan has the potential to impact everything about how this road looks and functions, and on Thursday, the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) will host its second meeting about the project.

Blue Hill Ave. Transportation Action Plan Meeting
Thursday, March 5th
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
155 Talbot Ave., Dorchester

BTD began gathering feedback about this project last summer. We know there has been strong support so far for protected bike lanes. We also know there has been strong opposition to that idea because of the potential impacts on parking, as well as general space limitations on this busy road. That’s why it’s important for people who bike to remain engaged in the planning process now, so BTD knows how popular protected bike lanes on Blue Hill Ave. would be, and how many people they would benefit. (More info about this project here.)

If you’ve ever biked down Blue Hill Ave., you know how unsafe it can be for people on bikes. It has a high rate of car crashes, and the limited bike lanes it has now sit directly in the door zone, with no physical separation from heavy traffic.

You can change that by speaking up for protected bike lanes on Blue Hill Ave.!