Speak Up to Prevent MBTA Service Cuts!

The MBTA faces significant service cuts in 2021 unless lawmakers act to fill a budget shortfall. The cost of inaction would be disastrous for the region, leaving riders stranded, causing major harm to the environment and economy, worsening inequities, and forcing many more people to drive.

Legislators are debating the budget this week. Before they vote, will you contact your representatives and urge them to fund the MBTA and stop the service cuts?

As a result of COVID, the MBTA faces a $300-$600 million budget shortfall. Hundreds of thousands of riders rely on the MBTA to access jobs, healthcare, grocery stores, and to make other essential trips. Service cuts are avoidable with proper funding — but only if the legislature acts NOW.

This is an opportunity for lawmakers not only to save the T, but to steer Massachusetts toward a more sustainable future. Our vision for Boston depends on a robust, accessible and high-functioning transit system that reduces driving — thereby making more space for bike lanes.

There are two budget amendments we want lawmakers to approve:

  • Amendment 700, Transit is Essential— This amendment would increase funding for the MBTA to fill the agency’s budget gap. Without this funding, the MBTA will inevitably face disastrous service cuts.
  • Amendment 619-TNC Fees — This amendment would increase fees on Uber/Lyft trips to fund sustainable transportation projects. This is both an important source of funding as well as a policy lever to incentivize non-car travel. (Read more about TNC fees and why we support bringing them in line with rates in other U.S.cities here.

Email your legislator TODAY using the form below. It will fill in your representative’s contact info and provide suggested text you can customize or send as-is.

Thank you for speaking up to save MBTA service!