Speak up to keep State Street’s new bike lane!

Last summer, Boston widened sidewalks and put a protected bike lane on State Street. However, those changes were only a pilot, or test project — and now, Boston is asking the public whether the changes should stay or go.

Part of Boston’s “Healthy Streets” plan to adapt to the pandemic, these improvements arose from longstanding safety concerns. (A woman on foot was hit by a vehicle and critically injured on State St. within the previous year.) Speaking up now will not only show that there is support for those changes to stay in place, but will help demonstrate the political will for more transformative changes throughout Boston, too!

Here’s what you can do:

1) Complete Boston’s survey about the State St. pilot project, and share why the new bike lanes are important to you. This is the most important thing you can do right now. BTD staff will use these responses to demonstrate support for bike infrastructure and safety improvements on State St. and elsewhere in Boston.

2) Using the form below, take one more minute to contact City Councilor Ed Flynn, Council President Kim Janey, and streets officials Chris Osgood and Greg Rooney. Share the same feedback you include in the survey to ensure they too hear your message.


More background

In October, Boston’s Public Works Department (PWD) presented four design options for long-term improvements to State Street. Each option includes some form of bike lanes. (You can see a PDF of the presentation here.) Since those options are only suggestions, not plans, for now it’s most important that Boston hears support for continuing (and improving!) the protected bike lane pilot project. Strong support for what is already on the ground will influence how Boston moves ahead with the longer-term plans.