Speak up for protected bike lanes on Mass Ave! – Send this email to the Mayor!

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This Wednesday, June 15,the City of Boston is holding a meeting to share proposed improvements for Massachusetts Avenue from Beacon St to Harrison Avenue. This is the most important public meeting of 2016!

Improving Mass Ave will save lives.

The City’s design includes protected bike lanes on some sections of Mass Ave, but the city can’t build them without strong public support!

Will you come to the meeting on Wednesday and tell the City YOU SUPPORT PROTECTED BIKE LANES?

Here are suggested talking points and requests for the City:
1. Thank the City for their commitment to Vision Zero and making Mass Ave safer for everyone!
2. Ask for protected bike lanes on both sides of Mass Ave, the whole way!
3. In areas where they can’t add protected bike lanes this year, ask them to make a commitment to implement them as part of their long­-term plan for the street.
4. Ask them to make signals shorter to reduce the wait time for pedestrianscrossing the street.
5. Ask them to give pedestrians at least a 6 second head start when they are crossing.
6. Ask them to make every intersection ‘no right on red’ ­­ and enforce it!
7. Ask them to pave Mass Ave by the Christian Science Center Plaza as soon as possible!

Show up, Speak up!

Vision Zero: Mass Ave Public Meeting
Saint Cecilia Parish 
18 Belvidere St 
June 15th, 2016
6:00 ­ 7:30 PM

If you can’t make the meeting tomorrow, you can copy and send the email below to Mayor Walsh telling him you support protected bike lanes on MassAve!


Mayor Walsh, mayor@boston.gov 
Chief of Streets Chris Osgood, chris.osgood@boston.gov
Commissioner of Transportation Gina Fiandaca, gina.fiandaca@boston.gov 

Re: Mass Ave Protected Bike Lanes

Dear Mayor Walsh,

Since you adopted Vision Zero in Boston, we have been waiting for steps to be taken to improve safety along Mass Ave, one of the most dangerous corridors  in the City for biking.
As a user of Mass Ave, I know how dangerous this corridor is for people walking, biking and driving. I’m glad to see the City is making safety improvements, and I want to express my support for protected bike lanes.
Protected bike lanes are the only design that will adequately address the safety issues on this corridor.
Thank you for taking steps to eliminate traffic fatalities in Boston.

[Your Name]


  1. Susan Redlich on June 17, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    Thank you for deciding to install protected bike lanes on Mass.Ave.! The latest plan is a good start but not nearly what is needed, especially for those that commute from Dorchester and Roxbury.

  2. Steve on June 17, 2016 at 8:33 pm

    On the issue of protected bike lanes, especially on Mass Ave, has anyone considered the fact that they prevent cars from moving over to the right to allow emergency vehicles to get through traffic? Is this not a public safety concern?

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