Speak up for e-bike rebates in Massachusetts!

The Massachusetts House of Representative will vote TOMORROW on a series of amendments to Bill H.4897, An Act relative to Massachusetts’s transportation resources and climate. Amendment 331 will establish an Electric Bicycle (e-bike) Incentive Program.

This incentive program will make it easier for people across the Commonwealth to access e-bikes by providing a rebate for e-bike purchases (learn more below), and will increase mobility in equitable and sustainable ways. This amendment will be decided on in less than 24 hours. Click this link NOW to automatically email your State Representative asking them to support this amendment! 

Photo by Jessica Rinaldi for the Boston Globe. Image description: A women speaks into a microphone at the Massachusetts State House. Behind her are people holding signs that read “E-Bikes = Mobility Justice,” “We Like E-Bikes, “E-Bikes = Environmental Justice,” “E-Bike Access Now” and “More E-Bikes = Less Traffic.”

We can pass this amendment and create a greener, cleaner, and more equitable Massachusetts for all, but only if enough of us contact our representatives. Click below to use our simple form to email your legislator. If you can, take a moment to personalize the email message and share why this issue is important to you. Our form also urges legislators to support Amendment 107 to establish a low income fare for the MBTA.

Thank you for taking action now for a better Commonwealth for everyone!

About Amendment 331 – Electric Bicycle (E-bike) Incentive Program

This amendment establishes an e-bike rebate program through DOER. Rebates of up to $750 for low-income consumers and up to $500 for all other consumers would be established to purchase new and used e-bikes, with rebates capped at 40% of retail price. 

There are over 75 e-bike rebate programs in North America according to this incentive tracker established by Portland State University. Sales of e-bikes are outpacing electric vehicles and standard bikes, though the cost is a barrier for many people who want to make the shift to an e-bike. We ask that the State lead in helping residents make green transportation choices like electric bicycles, and establishing a rebate program in Massachusetts is an important step that can be made TODAY.

E-bikes have the power to get more people on bikes and out of cars, to help us reduce emissions in the state and ease traffic congestion. E-bikes are also incredibly important to families, older adults, people with limited mobility or who cannot ride traditional bikes, people who live in hilly areas, and people with long commutes, to allow them to opt to ride a bike instead of a car. At this moment, with the recent surge in gas prices, making e-bikes more accessible is even more critical.