Speak up for better bike lanes on Warren St.

This Thursday, the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) will present potential design options for improving Warren St. Show up and speak up in favor of changes that reduce traffic, get more people on buses, and improve conditions for people who bike!

Warren Street Priority Bus Corridor Public Meeting
Thursday, March 12
6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
2315 Washington Street, Boston


The Warren Street Priority Bus Corridor project is primarily focused on improving chronically delayed bus service along this street. Getting more people on buses means having fewer cars on the road, which also means creating more space for people to comfortably ride bikes — and to potentially turn what are now painted bike lanes into protected bike lanes separated from traffic.

When BTD began this project last fall, there were some people who advocated for removing bike lanes entirely from Warren St. That’s why it’s important for people who bike to speak up now so BTD knows there is strong support not only for keeping those bike lanes, but for improving them, too.
Bus riders and people who bike should not be pitted against each other in a battle for space on this road. Sections of Warren St. are wide enough to have a protected bike lane, a bus-only lane and a driving lane. We encourage you to speak up for changes that would make travel on Warren St better for you, and especially to share with the city if you ride a bike there or would like to ride there, how the street could be improved. 

If you can’t attend Thursday’s meeting, you can still send feedback to lindiwe.rennert@boston.gov.

You can also sign up to receive updates about this project here.