Sign the petition: Protected bike lanes on the Mass Ave Bridge

Massachusetts Avenue across the Harvard Bridge (commonly known as the “Mass Ave Bridge”) is one of the busiest bike routes in the region. It’s also one of the most dangerous. Although Boston and Cambridge have protected bike lanes at both ends, the state controls the bridge and has yet to follow suit. We’re determined to change that this year.

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A rendering of potential short-term improvements on the Mass Ave Bridge.

We’re calling for short-term safety improvements (a lane reduction to reduce speeding and make space for wider bike lanes separated with flex posts ) right now. These changs can’t wait. 

Nearly 100% of vehicles exceeded the four-lane bridge’s 25mph speed limit, with a median speed of 41mph, according to recent observations. Squeezed between speeding cars and a concrete wall, with nothing in between, are people on bikes—who make up 25% of all traffic during peak PM hours.

Reducing room for vehicles would reduce speeding, while making room for a barrier between cars/trucks/buses and bikes. In general, the model we support has one northbound and one southbound vehicle lane, with turn lanes only where necessary, and new accommodations to improve bus service (i.e. queue jumps at lights). You can find more of the nitty gritty here.

Longer term, we’re seeking bike lanes fully separated and protected from traffic (behind a solid crash barrier, with separate space for walking) and bus-only lanes spanning the full length of the bridge to further prioritize transit. Since this would require larger reconstruction on the bridge, for now we are focusing on what can be done immediately—a lane reduction, and quick-build separated for bike lanes.