Shape the Implementation of JP/Rox Transportation Priorities

After the public meeting on July 17, the Boston Planning and Development Agency launched an online poll to hear from people who live and work in and near Jamaica Plain. There are 22 projects to choose between in the survey and we know they will not all get funded. In thinking about which projects will have the biggest impact and serve as critical connectors, we encourage you to rank the bike facility projects (especially on Washington St, Boylston St and Atherton St on pages 2 and 4 of the survey) as highly desirable to connect riders to the Southwest Corridor so we have a safe route from Roxbury/Dorchester to Forrest Hills and on to Roslindale once projects are completed there.

This is your opportunity to tell Boston where and how to improve biking in this growing neighborhood!

We know that all of the projects proposed are critically important to making all modes of transportation more comfortable and safe in Jamaica Plain to accommodate the surge in development and residents. We should not have to make hard choices and only look out for the routes that we as individuals take every day. With just $300,000 available for planning and implementation of the transportation action plan, many of these projects will not be completed and routes will remain unsafe and uncomfortable especially for pedestrians and cyclists. Email JP City Councilor, Matt O’Malley and City Councilors at Large to ask them to include more money in the budget this year to be able to complete all of projects that residents have identified as necessary to improve multi-modal transportation in JP and in Boston.

Make your voices heard so cyclists are adequately represented and our concerns are made clear as the BPDA makes decisions about which projects to prioritize.
Here’s what you can do:

Did you know? According to the City of Boston’s 2017 Bike Count, The Southwest Corridor South of Health Street has the third highest bicycle volume on a daily basis in the City. We need to see improvements to get on and off the Southwest Corridor, to bike along there, and throughout Jamaica Plain. Send in your feedback today!