Roxbury’s Hampden Street repaved, added to bike lane work plan


New pavement on Hampden St.

As Boston’s Public Works Department fired up its paving machines this Spring, the Bike Union asked to add a couple particularly bumpy streets to the mix. The repaving section of the Public Works Department deserves a big thank you. Up until last week, riding Hampden Street in Roxbury felt a little like traversing the surface of the moon or a giant washboard. Today it is smooth sailing.

To celebrate, the Union asked Boston Bikes to add it to their work plan. It may take a while, as the city is focused on cycletrack work with the Green Lanes Project, but it’s nice to know it’s coming. Hampden helps connect the end of Blue Hill Avenue and the Mount Pleasant neighborhood down to the bike lanes on Albany St and on Mass Ave.

A request is also in to repave Ritchie Street in Roxbury next to Marcella Playground, where nervous cyclists are forced to dodge potholes and cars at the same time.

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