Orange Line Shutdown Daily Convoy Rides

Various group rides will be leaving from some Orange Line Stations and the surrounding areas every weekday during the shutdown. These rides are all designed for beginner riders who are newer to city biking. Feel free to get in touch with a ride leader before your ride, or just show up at the location ready to ride. Ride Leaders will likely be wearing a high-visibility vest or something orange/yellow.

For more information on how to get access to a bicycle or other resources available during the shutdown, click here.

This page will be updated frequently as things change! Please reach out to Ride Leaders directly with questions about the rides. For more general questions or requests for other assistance/programing please contact

Ride Schedule by Starting Location:

Here is the schedule in spreadsheet form.

Here is a google maps links with all the routes mapped out.

Boston Side of the Orange Line

Adams Park in Roslindale

All weekdays (Mon-Fri) – 7:45am from Adams Park to Longwood Medical Center

8/24 – Roslindale ride will leave at 8:15am!

Ride Leader: Ben S

Ben, Ride Leader!

Forest Hills

Mondays, Fridays – 8:30am from Forest Hills to Downtown Boston

Ride Leader: Sam A,

Starting August 31st: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays – 8am from Forest Hills to Downtown Boston

Ride Leader: Vance,

Green St

Mondays, Thursdays – 8:30am from Green Street to Boston Public Library @ Copley (no rides week of 8/29)

Ride Leader: Anne G,

Anne, Ride Leader!

Tuesdays – Time and destination TBD!

Ride Leader: Lawton T

Wednesdays, Fridays – 8:30am from Green Street to Boston Public Library @ Copley

Ride Leader: David M,

Jackson Square 

All weekdays (Monday through Friday) – 8am from Jackson Square, stops in Downtown Boston then continues to Somerville. 

Ride Leaders: Brendan S,, Liudas P (

Brendan S, Ride Leader!

Monday and Friday additional ride leader: Lucas G

Christian Science Plaza

All weekdays (Mon-Fri) – 8:30am from Christian Science Plaza to Government Center

*This convoy will end on September 2nd and not continue*

Ride Leader: Angela L

Angela L, Ride Leader!

Malden Side of the Orange Line

Oak Grove

All weekdays (M-F) – 7:45am from Oak Grove to Beacon Hill

Ride Leader: Tom Blazej (also will be returning from Beacon Hill between 5-5:30pm, feel free to get in touch)

Tom B, Ride Leader!

Malden Center (Orange Line Station)

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays – 6:30am from Malden Center to Charlestown

Ride Leader: Lauren B

*Specific starting point is actually a point near Malden Center, see the below image for the specific spot!*

Lauren, Ride Leader!

Wednesdays – 7am from Malden Center to Seaport or Kendall Square (no ride 8/31, after 9/7 rides leave at 6am)

Ride Leader: Brooke A,

Brooke, Ride Leader!

Assembly (Orange Line Station)

Mondays – 7:30am from Assembly (near Zo Greek) to Tufts Medical Center at Washington St. No ride 9/6 (Labor Day)

Ride Leader: Joan L (name and photo)

Joan, Ride Leader!

Mondays, Fridays – 8:10am from Draw Seven Park to Downtown Boston 

Note this convoy is starting at Wellington and making a stop at Draw 7
Ride Leader: Leah G

Winter Hill

Tuesdays, Wednesdays – 8am from Winter Hill to Seaport via East Somerville

Ride Leader: Lisa L