In the world of advertising, bicycles = love?

Are bicycles becoming the new pop culture aphrodisiac? It seems that every time a commercial wants to communicate romance in two seconds or less, they pan over to a couple riding bicycles.

For example, in a new Air New Zealand commercial (not yet YouTubed fortunately for you), a dashing fellow on an airplane remembers riding bikes and dining out with his young lady love. And in a Helzberg Contrex – Contrexperience (English Version). 

This somewhat silly French Contrex advert illustrates a novel way to stay in shape.

Diamonds spot hitting TV screens these days, yet another beaming duo is seen pedalling slowly to an off-screen bliss. And of course, France is blowing the lid off of the trend with this crazy thing (at right) which scored over a million viewers when it went viral on YouTube just over a month ago.

More and more, it seems, the advertising world is catching on to the sea change going on in people’s opinions and impressions of bikes. By the evidence, the same sort of thing happened back in the 70s during the last bike boom too. Back then bikes were “Kool.”

It makes sense that we’re seeing this trend come back into play now, what with new tactics and demands from the 100 or so well-organized urban bike advocacy organizations across the country. And maybe it will stay around this time.

There are even car manufacturers running commercials that tell drivers to share the road with bikes.

he din is even reaching the ears of car manufacturers, evidence this Kia ad that actually tells drivers to share the road.

And we’re not the only outlet noting the uptick, check out articles from Portlandize and Veloreviews.

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  1. Alan on December 7, 2011 at 10:34 am
  2. brad on December 16, 2011 at 11:16 am

    I do love my bikes and would like to hold a benefit dance for the Boston Cyclist Union on Valentines day either Tuesday feb. 14th or on Sunday before. Any one interested in helping me pull this off?

    By having the dance in Concord Ma I at the Scout house I think I can be assured 100-200 regular “Contra dancers” will show up. But how many boston cyclist’s would want to go all the way out to Concord? The band I just emailed last night to see about availability is called “Moving Violations” and one of the members was an avid cyclist when I knew him 20 years ago in the Amherst Ma area.

    Mixed modal transport via commuter rail train makes it possible to bring your bike to this bikelove fest. Looking for feed back on scheduling this event Sunday or tuesday? email me at if you have a desire to help

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