Improving Warren St. from Dudley Square to Grove Hall

A project to expedite buses could benefit bicyclists, too

The Boston Transportation Department (BTD) is taking steps to improve Warren St. for all modes of travel, especially bus riders. When buses are more efficient, more people choose public transit over driving their cars or taking an Uber/Lyft. Getting more people on buses means less cars on the road, and more space to ride bikes comfortably. 

The main goal of the Warren Street Priority Bus Corridor project is, as the name implies, reducing bus travel times and increasing reliability. Warren St. sees some of the highest ridership in the entire MBTA system, but also experiences serious delays, with the average rider losing 20 minutes on Warren St. every day. In addition, 90% of bus riders on Warren St. identify as minorities, and black riders spend on average 65 more hours per year on buses than white riders. We need more equity in our transit system, and more reliable access to jobs and school, especially for those who have historically had the least access. This project aims to address exactly those problems.

Solutions to those challenges will impact all modes of travel though, which is why we, and the BTD, are encouraging everyone to participate in the planning process, starting with the first public meeting this Thursday.

Warren Street Priority Bus Corridor Public Meeting
Thursday, Nov. 14 | 6:00 p.m.
2315 Washington Street, Boston (Dudley Square)

We at the Bike Union don’t yet have specific asks around this project. We do encourage you to support projects that make bus travel more desirable and efficient. We also think that bus riders and cyclists should not be pitted against each other, fighting for space on the road. Sections of Warren are wide enough to have a protected bike lane, a bus-only lane, and a driving lane. There is also a two-way cycle track currently in construction on Dudley St. by the library, and the Warren St. planning process is an opportunity to advocate to continue it.

We encourage you to speak up for changes that would make travel on Warren St. better for you, and especially to share with the City, if you ride a bike there or would like to ride there, how the street could be improved. 

If you can’t attend Thursday’s meeting, you can still sign up to receive updates about this project here.