Help us get this massive Vision Zero safety bill passed by the state legislature!

The Bike Union, along with our partners in the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition including MassBike, Livable Streets Alliance and WalkBoston, have been working with State Legislators, led by Senator Brownsberger and others, to file a road safety omnibus bill!

The bill, An Act to Reduce Traffic Fatalities, would take a number of steps to improve safety for people biking, walking and driving.  We’re thrilled that two policies that the Bike Union championed at the local level that have been adopted by the City of Boston – side guards and truck safety measures as well as improved bicycle crash reporting – have been elevated to be adopted state-wide in this legislation.
The bill also includes, among other provisions,
  • Lowering default speed limit on state highways and parkways in thickly settled areas from 30mph to 25mph
  • Allowing municipalities to install limited traffic safety cameras exclusively for speeding and red light & right turn violations
  • A statewide biking & pedestrian safety curriculum for elementary school students, and more!
This bill could be the most impactful step towards bike safety since the last Bike Safety Omnibus Bill was passed in 2008!
In order for this bill to move forward it needs co-sponsors! Our friends at MassBike have a list of current co-sponsors that you can see here. You can click here to generate a letter that you can send to your State Legislators! The linked form will also allow you to figure out who your Legislators are by entering your address.
It only takes a few minutes! Help us make our streets safer for everyone! 


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