Growth, progress and the exciting road ahead

As Bike Month comes to a close, we’re feeling inspired by all we accomplished together, and all the exciting work ahead.

Will you donate to the BCU today to accelerate our progress? 

Scenes from the Build Back Bikeable Rally + Ride

Connecting with so many of you during Bike Month was a true joy, and a reaffirmation of why we do this work. We were thrilled to see such a strong turnout of more than 150 people at our Build Back Bikeable Rally + Ride last Friday. And we were ecstatic that 1,500 people (!) signed our #BostonBikeBudget petition, which we delivered this week to the City Council during a hearing on the streets budget. 

This spring, we added two community organizers who are doing invaluable work to build and diversify our movement. Just like you saw with the events over the past week (and all throughout Bike Month) we’re mobilizing and organizing more than we’ve ever been able to before.

The road ahead won’t be easy. But behind the strength of our ever-growing movement and more organizational capacity, we’re well-equipped to handle any potholes and hills along the way. 

Will you donate today, and support our vision for a better bike network and people-first streets?

Thank you,

Becca Wolfson,
Executive Director, Boston Cyclists Union