Get the inside scoop on Bos/tréal from one of our select scholarship riders!

We interviewed Ivette Castillo, an Everybody Rides rider for this year’s Bos/tréal trip.

What kind of cyclists are you?

Mostly I’ve been an urban cyclist, commuter, use my bike primarily to get around the city, run errands or meet up with friends if the weather isn’t gross.

What motivated you to apply for the trip?

I’ve always been an urban commuter and I thought this was a great opportunity to venture out of city limits in a more supported/”safe” environment with other cyclists, challenge myself and see Canada (I’ve never been)!  And all going to a great cause in supporting the BCU and better infrastructure in Boston.  It’s a win-win.

Is there an area on the ride that you are interested on biking through?

I keep seeing the picturesque pictures of Island Line Trail surrounded by Lake Champlain, and that looks AMAZING! 

What are you looking forward to on the trip?
I’m looking forward to seeing different sights and bonding with teammates, so the journey and then enjoying the destination.

How have the training rides been?
The training rides have been fun actually.  Meeting the other cyclists.  I’ve conquered some hills.  I’ve done 3 training rides with the team and each time I feel more confident that I can tackle Bos/treal.
How has fundraising been?
I’m generally more on the quiet side, not a type A LOL, so social media has helped me tremendously.  I’ve actually done better than I thought I would thanks to friends, family, colleagues, and even acquaintances.
Have there been any challenges or things you didn’t expect about the trip? 
I’ve riden a single speed for several years now, so it’s been a little tricky getting the feel of riding a road bike or a bike with gears in general.  I wasn’t quite prepared for the extra thinking in switching gears to climb hills, etc.  This will also be my first time camping so that will be different–I’m excited, but I know I’m up to the task.

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