Craigie Bridge Bike Lanes: Deadline to Demand Physical Separation

Last month, we convinced MassDOT to rethink old ideas for redesigning the Craigie Bridge. Will you help us now hold MassDOT accountable for developing a safer plan?

Though MassDOT has so far presented only two restriping options — neither of which includes protected bike lanes —the agency has requested public feedback and said it will consider alternative ideas. Please join us in telling MassDOT that physical separation for cyclists is necessary in any final plan!

Attendees share their ideas with officials at December’s hearing

To recap: MassDOT responded to November’s fatal bike crash near the Museum of Science by resurfacing an old plan (from 2010) to add painted bike lanes to the Craigie Bridge/O’Brien Highway. MassDOT then presented that design, plus a single alternative, at a hearing last month, and asked attendees to essentially choose between the two. Your swift and powerful pushback in advance of that hearing, and our vocal presence at it, led MassDOT to instead opt for a more consultative approach. In particular, many of you suggested a two-way cycletrack opposite the Museum of Science — an idea MassDOT had not yet considered, but that seemed to resonate with officials.

MassDOT heard our message loud and clear. Now, we need your help to ensure the agency acts accordingly.

Here’s what you can do: Share your feedback to project lead and MassDOT (Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack: ; Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver: and CC us ( so we can gauge our impact. Make two key points: 1) Cyclists need physical separation on this road; and 2) This project is too important to delay any longer.

Here’s a sample script:

Dear Secretary Pollack and Highway Administrator Gulliver,

Thank you for acknowledging that previous designs for the Craigie Bridge are outdated and unsafe, and for accepting public comment about how to better redesign this important cross-river connection. I understand that fixing this road is a challenging and complex problem, but I urge you to not let difficulty stand in the way of safety. The volume and type of traffic — including large trucks, and duck boats entering and leaving the Museum of Science — necessitates some form of physical separation for cyclists. In addition, I ask that you carefully consider how design changes will impact intersections feeding into the bridge, and at both ends of it, as these areas are just as if not more problematic points of conflict between modes of travel.


Again, I thank you for taking the time to hear from the public, and hope you move swiftly to implement protected bike lanes.

Stopping a suboptimal design was an important first step. Now, let’s make sure MAssDOT follows through with a safer solution.