Columbia Road, fresh paint!

A new bike lane on Columbia Road, with Upham's Corner's Bird Street Community Center in the background.

Little by little, piece by piece, a bike network is taking shape in Dorchester. Now joining Talbot Avenue is Columbia Road. Only the beginning pieces are being painted, but when complete, it will connect Franklin Park to Carson’s Beach, bringing us one baby step closer to reuniting the entire Emerald Necklace–a very long term goal that is in many cyclists hearts.

We’re hoping the new bike lanes in Dorchester, including those coming soon to Dorchester Avenue, will inspire more interest in biking in the neighborhood–including the programs out there that are aimed at inspiring physical activity. And we invite interested groups to contact us for advice and connections to experienced ride leaders and other folks and resources that can help get things started.

Stay tuned for more comprehensive maps of the streets people in neighborhoods throughout Boston have told us they’d like to see bike lanes, sharrows or cycletracks on. These neighborhood desires become our asks when we meet with the city. And the Menino Administration has been in the habit of saying yes lately.

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