Cambridge, Allston activists combine on Grand Junction Path

Taken from the BU Bridge looking into Allston. (Imagine a bike path on the left.)
 The Boston Cyclists Union is helping to bring together a couple of amazing activism groups on the subject of the Grand Junction Path. After introducing leaders in Allston and Cambridge, the Union helped invite bike leaders from around a tour of the path organized by the Friends of the Grand Junction Path on Sunday, and spent an hour discussing possible next steps in the campaign in this week’s Organizing Group meeting.
The path idea would be huge for one of Boston’s bikey-est communities, the college students, as well as residents. The City of Cambridge is active on it–but the path is just starting to get attention from the cities of Somerville and Boston.The Grand Junction Path would stretch from Allston Village or Commonwealth Avenue through Kendall Square to the McGrath Highway in Somerville, where it could one day connect with the future Somerville Community Path. The Grand Junction has huge potential to boost commuting by bike.

Each stretch of the path has a different challenge in this early stage, and the Friends of the Grand Junction Path are working to encourage the MBTA to support a stretch in Somerville, monitoring the early stages of a Cambridge Redevelopment Authority plan to design a stretch alongside Galileo Way, and Allston activists are starting to pull the sleeve of MassDOT to have them include the path’s Boston side in the upcoming $500 million project to straighten I-93 in their neighborhood.

For it’s part, the Union is helping connect activists to the people and resources it takes to get the job done, and of course, throwing some great parties to bring the whole city together. (The Annual Spring Kickoff is coming up on April 24.)

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