Boston Bike Story: Mary Ann Nelson, Roxbury

When and why did you start biking?

I started biking back in the late ’70s. At that time, not too many people would be biking. I would ride my bike to high school. I was in the school band. I played the tuba and clarinet and carried both on the sides of my bike. I would ride my bike along with other cyclists and school buses heading to school. As I biked more, more of my friends started biking too.

What would make biking better for you in Boston?

Make the city easier to bike around. Create more bike-friendly neighborhoods. The MBTA bus racks are helpful.

People should be more careful. There’s too much bad behavior, cyclists and driver-wise. Some cyclists do speed, not being careful and not following traffic laws.

Limit the number of cars probably per household.

— Mary Ann Nelson, Roxbury