Boston Bike Story: David

Christmas 1974, my father bought me and my brother a bike. We were crazy with the bike as kids. We would ride everywhere, and my father always told us to be careful with the bike, and to wear a helmet, when we were living in Puerto Rico.

Then I came to the United States in 1978. Me, my brother and father love biking. We would fix and sell bikes. We would ride everywhere. We would ride to Mattapan, to Cochituate Lake, in Framingham. All these years I’ve been running my bike. I don’t have a car. The only transportation that I do is the bike.

To this day I’m still fixing bikes. I go to the [Dudley] bike shop and work there. I love it because it’s how I’m able to get around with all of my stuff, and I’m grateful. I can’t say I’ve never taken a fall though, but I love my bike.

I like the cargo bikes because I’m able to load it up with food and other things that I need. Eventually, I want to get permits to sell my own food with a cargo bike. Cargo bikes are nice because it gives me more room to carry everything, and maybe I could take my grandchildren around the city.

— David, Roxbury