Boston Bike Story: Angel

How did you start biking? 

I started riding at a young age, about six years old. Most of the time, I’d ride around with my cousin. They’re the one that taught me [how to ride]. My favorite at the time were BMX bikes.

My uncle taught me how to take apart bikes and put them back together. In a way, he taught me most of what I know about mechanic work on bikes. 

Now, biking is my main way of commuting around the city.

What is your favorite experience on a bike?

When I was young, the best experience was racing with others on my bike. Now, the best experience is biking in nice weather. 

What are your thoughts about biking in Boston?

Biking in Boston, it’s important to maintain your bike. I fix my bike when I can, and also I try to learn and teach others how to do simple fixes themselves. I believe God blesses me more every day.

— Angel, Roxbury