Boston Bike Story: Abi

“It started with me and my friends playing basketball around the neighborhood. Then a friend had a Mongoose. I thought it was so cool. Two years, later I got a bike and started riding every day. Then I started going to the pond with friends, and really everywhere. We’d start in Roxbury and go to Fields Corner. We’d go all over.”

“I started to get deep into riding through social media, and seeing people doing wheelies and tricks. I met people in Boston and beyond, and around that time the big ride out started. I met people that I really looked up to. It made me want to get a bike like theirs, an SE bike. Every kid wanted a bike like that.”

“After working Bikes Not Bombs for a summer, I got an SE bike and was outside riding everyday. My younger brother started recording me doing tricks, and people started following me on social media. By getting nice on the bike I’ve gotten a role for myself in the scene. I’ve even organized ride outs for my birthday. My favorite ride-out was the Everybody’s Ride Out in NYC. It’s the world’s biggest ride out, and it’s for all types of bikes and people.”

— Abi, Dorchester

Abi, 17, worked with us a bike mechanic in Bike to Market this summer, working as part of the team that fixed over 850 bikes since May 1! Check out Abi’s tricks on Instagram at @BFH.abi.