Bike to Market 2020: We fixed 550+ bikes for FREE!

Thank our B2M volunteers at
the Golden Cog Awards!

We will be celebrating our collective work over the past year, including Bike to Market, and honoring some outstanding people in our community at the Golden Cog Awards on December 3rd. Stay tuned for an announcement next week about this year’s Golden Cog winners! In the meantime, register for the event (it’s FREE!) below.


This year posed unforeseen challenges to Bike to Market (B2M), our free bike repair program focused on equity, education and access. As late as May, it looked like we might need to cancel the entire B2M season due to COVID — a terrible prospect at a time when more people were turning to bikes.

Thankfully, with new protocols in place, we were able to continue providing this program all summer long to help people make essential trips by bike.The results: We beat our goal, fixing 550+ bikes in only 4 months this year!

That success would not have been possible without the hard work of our incredible Bike to Market volunteers, who wrenched all those bikes and recruited more people to our organizing work. Please join us in thanking them!

We could speak all day about the importance of Bike to Market, but instead we wanted to give our amazing volunteers the chance to share their experiences from this summer. So give our volunteers one more round of applause, and then follow the link below to hear what they have to say about B2M.

“I love taking the time to talk to anyone that comes by the booth, whether they need help with their bike repairs, or are just curious to see what the BCU is up to in their neighborhood…It’s been a blast to help out this summer, and I know I’ll be back for more in years to come!” — Kait


We would also like to thank Bike to Market’s sponsors for their generous commitments during this difficult time: 


Finally, we would like to thank all our members and donors, whose contributions fund Bike to Market and all the BCU’s work. To keep supporting our work, or to become a first-time member, follow the link below.

Memberships are now on a sliding scale starting at just $5. Join at a level that works for you!