Bike to Market Events

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About Bike to Market

The Boston Cyclists Union started the Bike to Market program in 2010 to increase access to bike repair services in areas underserved by bike shops. The goal of the program is to teach people how to fix their own bikes, talk about the Bike Union's advocacy projects and discuss how to enhance cycling in Boston.

The program takes place at Farmers Markets throughout the summer in neighborhoods across Boston. The guidance and repair is free and parts are sold at an affordable cost. Bike to Market is supported by donations and memberships - join the Union today!

At Bike to Market, Union volunteers and staff teach bike repairs such as changing flat tires and adjusting derailleurs and brakes. In 2015 the Bike Union and its volunteers taught bike repair skills to over 500 people and helped work on over 800 bikes at 50 events!

There are three different volunteer roles at Bike to Market; Students, Bike Mechanics and Bike Ambassadors. Students get to learn about bike repairs in a hands-on way. Bike Mechanics help fellow cyclists while honing their already fine tuned skills. Bike Ambassadors discuss bike advocacy and issues specific to their neighborhood with the community. Want to get involved? Sign up here as a Student, Bike Mechanic or Bike Organizer.


BCU Bike to Market