Arborway feedback due Fri. 11/6

On October 21, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) shared 3 options for redesigning the Arborway between Jamaica Pond and Forest Hills. DCR now wants to hear from you — what do you like in the three proposals, and what can be improved?

Feedback on the designs is due by Friday, Nov. 6.

Progress on the Arborway has never felt more within our reach. If you live near the Arborway or frequently travel on it, make your voice heard!

All three DCR designs (Option A — 2 CirclesOption B — 1 CircleOption C — No Circles) would make progress toward our goals: Slowing traffic, increasing safety, adding green space and closing a gap in the bike network. We don’t have a preferred design among the three. Rather, we have suggestions (which we encourage you to share in your feedback) for any final plan to include the following elements to improve walking and biking through this area:

  • If a rotary is retained at Murray circle, eliminate the “double threat” (crossing two traffic lanes with no traffic signal)
  • Extend the cycletrack in front of the Arboretum to connect with the existing cycletrack installed by MassDOT
  • Include a cycletrack on both sides of the road between Centre St. and Jamaica Pond 
  • Create separate spaces for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists throughout the corridor. Shared streets and shared-use paths are NOT preferred, especially when this area has enough space to accommodate separate spaces for each mode 

DCR explained that most elements of the plans are interchangeable. So rather than picking which plan you like most, DCR wants you to share what elements you like/dislike from the 3 designs.  

You can give feedback on this interactive map, submit comments through DCR’s online portal or email

Feedback is due by Friday, Nov 6.

Want to get more involved?

To join a group of Arborway-area residents that shapes BCU’s planning around this project, email Eliza