An opportunity to improve biking by Carson Beach and UMASS Boston

Next Monday, the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) will hold a virtual meeting about the Dorchester Bay City project, a massive residential/commercial development proposed for 200 Mount Vernon Street. Specifically, this meeting will be about “transportation, infrastructure, sustainability and resiliency.” 

The streets leading to the new project include some that are very challenging and stressful to navigate on bike, including Morrissey Boulevard, Kosciuszko Circle, Columbia Road and Day Boulevard. 

Come Monday with your ideas for making biking and mobility better in conjunction with this project!

Dorchester Bay City Public Meeting
Monday, January 10
6 – 8 p.m.


In addition to impacting transportation around the development, there are mobility elements within the project area, too. The proposal includes  20+ acres of publicly accessible open space and “a new street circulation system to accommodate bicyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles.”

Such a major investment in the community should include significant improvements to mutlimodal access. Let the BPDA know what kinds of transportation improvements you want to see around the development. Show up and speak up!