Action Alert: Take Action for E-bike Access!

If we want to pass e-bike legislation this year, we need the Transportation Committee at the Statehouse to move the bills out of their committee by February 2! That means we need your help demonstrating to the committee members that there is far-reaching and plentiful support for these bills.

In October we heard from 200 of you about what e-bikes have meant to you, your future aspirations for riding e-bikes, and your hopes for how e-bike expansion can get more people on bikes and out of cars. Thank you for sharing your stories with your State legislators and with us. 

Use the form below to email the committee chairs (for a second time, if you did last fall) and urge them to move e-bike legislation forward in Massachusetts!

Click here to email your legislators!

E-bikes make biking more accessible. They make it easier to carry cargo or children, and to make long distances suddenly bikeable—including commutes. They can also unlock more potential in bike sharing, attracting new riders who may be uninterested or unable to use fully pedal-powered bikes, and increasing systemwide equity by providing easier access to/from more communities.
“An act relative to electric bicycles” (House Bill H3457, Senate bill S.2309) would bring Mass. in line with a majority of other states in standardizing the classification of e-bikes to differentiate between low-speed and higher speed e-bikes. (MassBike has a thorough explainer here.) Without this change, there will remain legal ambiguity about regulating what exactly an e-bike is, how fast they can go, and where they can be ridden. Critically, without this change e-bikes cannot be added to the BlueBikes fleet.

In addition, show up to our rally on March 24th at 12pm at the Statehouse! The more people who show up, the stronger our message.

Want smart e-bike legislation, and more people on bikes? Then write to your representatives today! Thursday’s hearing is only a starting point, so you can still email your reps after this week. What matters most is that lawmakers be inundated with messages about the importance of this e-bike legislation!

Click here to email your legislators!