We’re helping Bostonians lead healthier lives by promoting the everyday use of the bicycle for transportation. Among other things, we repair bikes, educate new riders, and organize neighborhood residents who would like to voice support for friendlier street designs, bike paths, and public spaces.


We envision a Boston that is world renowned for year round cycling, a place where people ride for fun, exercise, and transportation.

All Bostonians—men, women, children, and seniors from every neighborhood—use a network of safe and accessible bicycle routes to school, work and play each day. Children ride to school, men and women pedal by in work clothes, and seniors wheel along at a more relaxing pace on bicycle lanes, bicycle boulevards and cycle tracks. With bicycles commonplace, residents are healthier and have reduced levels of cardiovascular disease, asthma and obesity. They also have more expendable income, more free time, and greater choice in how they move about their city.

Transit is well-funded and integrated to support cyclists and pedestrians, providing an alternate means of travel during the winter. The city is greener; there is less pavement and more open space, like gardens, parks and outdoor plazas. In this city, automobiles are not the automatic choice of transportation for most people, and traffic is slower and safer and combines respectfully with all other modes of transportation.


“We value the sense of community that each neighborhood, village and affinity group Boston has and seek to bring together a cycling community with roots in each of these unique communities.”

“We value the equitable distribution of public resources, including the infrastructure for cycling, transit and walking that can provide safe and convenient transportation in all Boston neighborhoods.”

“We value the health of our bodies and our communities.”

“We value maximum informed public participation in the creation of our urban environment.”

“We value economic, social and environmental sustainability, in the sense that we must be efficient with the resources that support us.”

“We value bicycling not only as an end but also as an enjoyable means toward healthier, more affordable, and more sustainable lifestyles.”

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