A Major Victory on the Longfellow Bridge!

Together, we made a difference. Late last Friday, MassDOT announced it had backed down from its plan to remove flex posts on the Longfellow Bridge. As a result, we have cancelled the human protected bike lane demonstration scheduled for tomorrow morning.

We are elated. This change was no doubt the result of our collective action. Hundreds of you spoke out in emails to transportation officials and lawmakers, leading four state legislators to call on MassDOT to find a better solution for winter snow removal. The strength of our voices also elevated this issue in the press, making it impossible for MassDOT to quietly remove the only physical protection on any Charles River crossing.

This win is a perfect example of our ability to effect change — and we need your support to achieve even greater victories in the year ahead.


We are a small (though growing!) and mighty staff, and with you, we are a powerful movement. To close 2018 in a position of strength, and to prepare for our most ambitious agenda ever in 2019, we are aiming to raise $20,000 by the end of this year. As an added incentive to give now, every donation made by December 31 will be matched dollar for dollar (up to $10,000) through a generous gift from the Helen & William Mazer Foundation.

The Bike Union relies on generous contributions from people like you to power our advocacy; the stronger our fundraising, the louder our voice.

Whether or not you can donate, know that we will NOT stop fighting on behalf of you and everyone else who bikes in Metro Boston. We will relentlessly continue to campaign for a network of safe bike lanes, and to hold our elected officials and agency leadership accountable for making meaningful, life-saving improvements to our streets.

With your help, we can achieve so much more. So please, give today.


Craigie Bridge / O’Brien Highway

While we are thrilled with MassDOT’s reversal on the Longfellow Bridge, there are still no plans for protected bike lanes on the Craigie Dam bridge, the site of last month’s fatal crash that killed Boston University student Meng Jin. Those plans must also change, and tomorrow night is an excellent opportunity to make your voice heard on that issue.

MassDOT will host a public hearing Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the MIT / Stratton Center (84 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA) to discuss options for redesigning that roadway. Please join us in insisting that MassDOT include protected bike lanes in the final plan!

When we fight we win!