A good luck message to Marty Walsh and John Connolly

Dear Marty Walsh and John Connolly,

boston-skylineOn the eve of election day, the Boston Cyclists Union would like to thank you for the unprecedented attention you have given to better bicycling in Boston in a mayor’s race. Over the past few months, you have addressed our members at the Bike Union’s September 26th Annual Party (Meeting), attended forums and briefings with progressive transportation activists, and clearly outlined your support for cycletracks and cycling encouragement programs in response to the 2013 Mayoral Bike Questionnaire. Thank you.

By these efforts on your part, we are encouraged that cyclists’ needs are among your priorities, and that you agree every Bostonian should have safe access to the health and transportation benefits of cycling.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, staff, and members, the Boston Cyclists Union wishes you the best of luck in the election tomorrow. We look forward to meeting with you and other complete streets advocates soon to help continue and improve upon the great work Mayor Menino began—making Boston a world-class cycling city.


Vanessa L. Green
Interim Board President

Pete Stidman
Executive Director

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