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Mass Ave bike lane delayed

In a disappointing development this week, the City of Boston is delaying the striping of bike lanes on Massachusetts Avenue between Symphony and the Charles River——possibly until spring. The Boston Cyclists Union learned of the decision during a regular check-in on the project, which has been highly anticipated since May of 2010, when Mayor Thomas…

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In the world of advertising, bicycles = love?

Are bicycles becoming the new pop culture aphrodisiac? It seems that every time a commercial wants to communicate romance in two seconds or less, they pan over to a couple riding bicycles. For example, in a new Air New Zealand commercial (not yet YouTubed fortunately for you), a dashing fellow on an airplane remembers riding…

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Casey Overpass solution still hanging in the balance

[This article has been edited due to a request for privacy—Ed.] At-grade supporters in the great Casey Overpass replacement debate squeaked out a small victory at MassDOT’s public hearing on the project last month, outnumbering bridge supporters 15 to 11 in a packed house according to the JP Patch, and the letters supporting at-grade have…

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